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Posted by cpn_admin on January 3, 2022
Are you thinking about buying commercial property and are trying to decide what location is best? Before you make an important commercial property investment decision, consider making an investment in Melbourne commercial real estate. Here’s a list of some of the reasons to consider investing in commercial property in Melbourne:
  1. Livability- Melbourne was twice selected as the World’s Most Livable Cities. This livability factor will contribute to the ongoing population growth in Melbourne, a growth that should contribute to ongoing demand for commercial property. Startup businesses, company growth and requirements for larger premises, the increase use in satellite-style business locations
  2. Stability- Located in a stable country, Melbourne has an added appeal since overseas investors don’t have to worry that their investment is secure.
  3. Ongoing commercial investments- The appeal of commercial property investing in Melbourne is clear. A project initiated to build a large skyscraper in Melbourne, Australia 108 supports this.
  4. Transportation- The underlying transportation infrastructure in Melbourne is superb. Getting around is easy for local residents and businesses needing efficient transportation.
  5. High Demand- With an under supply of housing and low vacancy rates overall demand for property – both residential and commercial – is high.
  6. Healthy property appreciation- Property price appreciation in Melbourne follows that of Australia overall with the average compound growth of Australia property exceeding 10%.
Before considering anywhere else to invest in commercial real estate take a good look at Melbourne. After conducting your own research you’ll probably agree that investing in Melbourne commercial real estate is a good idea. CPN Commercial Group is a boutique real estate agency, located in Melbourne with clientele Australia wide. We focus on commercial, industrial, and retail sales, leasing and management of property. To enquire further about purchasing commercial real estate in Melbourne visit our contacts page https://cpn.com.au/contact

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