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FAQ Sell Commercial Real Estate

Where are you located?

We are located in Essendon, a short drive from (Airport West, Keilor Park, and Tullamarine Airport. We currently manage properties in major commercial hubs of Melbourne and focus our service on the inner and outer North, North West and Western regions of Melbourne for commercial and industrial property management, leasing, sales and buying needs.

My tenant wants to buy my property – should I sell it to them?

It's certainly an option, but you must ensure adequate representation for a seamless transaction. On many occasions, when a Landlord wishes to sell, the most likely and qualified purchaser is going to the occupant. We have facilitated many transactions between Tenants and Landlords, but it is essential to remember that whilst the Tenant/occupant is the most likely candidate/buyer, it does not imply that the transaction doesn't carry an equal amount of risk, like any transaction in a public market, nor does it imply that the Tenant/occupant will pay a fair market rate for your asset. Ensuring you have the correct representation in these intimate transactions is essential, as you only sell your asset once! At CPN, you are never pressured to sell to your tenant, but if the opportunity arises, rest assured our expertise will ensure you are correctly and confidently looked after.

How do you market the property?

Tailoring your marketing strategy for commercial real estate sales depends on the unique characteristics and offerings of the property. Working with a modest property or limited advertising budget? In such cases, consider a combination of a property board and digital advertising as the central strategy, encompassing:  
  • Specialised commercial real estate platforms
  • Various social media platforms
  • Inclusion in our newsletter and on our website
If the goal is selling a substantial commercial property, explore these options:  
  • Feature property boards for heightened visibility
  • Premium listings on dedicated commercial real estate platforms
  • Presence on various social media platforms
  • Showcasing in our newsletter and on our website
  • Engaging print advertising
  • Strategic Google advertising
  • Targeted social media advertising
  • Creation of compelling printed marketing collateral
By customising your approach based on property attributes and considering the available budget, we can optimise the marketing strategy to enhance exposure and attract potential buyers or investors effectively.

Can I sell it discretely?

In short, yes, you can, but you may be limiting the overall value of your asset if you intend to engage with a single buyer at a time. The old saying goes, ‘You cannot sell a secret’. Suppose you are preparing your property for sale. In that case, we recommend reviewing our vendor checklist on our news blog and our service summary to ensure you are adequately prepared, but most importantly, give us a call to discuss your news and goals with the property.

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