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Posted by cpn_admin on October 25, 2023

Melbourne, a thriving city in Australia, offers many opportunities for commercial real estate investments. With a diverse range of suburbs, each with unique characteristics, choosing the right location for your investment is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best suburbs in Melbourne for commercial real estate investment, providing key insights into their profiles and the opportunities they offer.

Tullamarine Commercial Property

Strategically located near Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine is an ideal locale for logistics and warehousing facilities. This suburb offers an indispensable advantage with its proximity to primary transport links and the airport. Businesses engaged in logistics and transportation can flourish in this dynamic environment. Tullamarine’s commercial real estate landscape showcases a growing demand for modern warehousing and distribution centres, particularly with the surge in e-commerce. Investors looking to capitalize on this trend should consider the potential for substantial rental income and long-term growth. To learn more about investing in Tullamarine commercial real estate, visit our blog or see our sales and leasing results.

Essendon Commercial Real Estate

Essendon, a well-established suburb, boasts a mixed portfolio of commercial properties, including offices and retail spaces. Its robust local economy and excellent transport connectivity make it an attractive choice for commercial real estate investors. Essendon’s commercial properties offer diversity, catering to various businesses and enterprises. Its established community ensures a steady demand for commercial space, making it a dependable investment option. Additionally, close by is Essendon Fields, a commercial community hub including Essendon Airport, and a home and lifestyle shopping area with many big box retailers. Click the link to explore previous CPN commercial property results in Essendon.

Airport West Commercial Property

Airport West is strongly connected with Melbourne Airport, making it a versatile commercial real estate investment suburb. You’ll find a diverse commercial landscape here, including retail centres and industrial spaces. Investors can explore retail, storage, or industrial development opportunities, with the advantage of being close to major transport hubs. Click the link to examine previous CPN commercial property results in Airport West.


Richmond is renowned as a bustling commercial hub, particularly famous for its vibrant retail and restaurant scene. It’s a highly sought-after location for offices and businesses, allowing investors to tap into a thriving, dynamic environment. The suburb’s popularity and constant foot traffic make it an attractive prospect for businesses looking for visibility and accessibility from their commercial real estate.


Located near Melbourne’s central business district (CBD), Docklands has recently witnessed significant development. This suburb offers modern office spaces and commercial real estate opportunities, especially in the financial and tech sectors. With its proximity to the CBD, Docklands is an excellent choice for companies looking for a prestigious business address and easy access to the city’s amenities and transport.


Southbank, adjacent to the CBD, offers a mix of residential and commercial properties. It’s a prime location for businesses, especially in the entertainment and hospitality industries. Southbank’s proximity to the Yarra River and many cultural attractions appeal to local and international businesses. Investors can target office spaces, restaurants, or retail shops catering to the diverse crowd in this area.


Collingwood is known for its creative and innovative character and has experienced significant growth in the tech and creative industries. This suburb has become a hotspot for co-working spaces and modern office setups. Collingwood’s collaborative and artistic atmosphere makes it an ideal location for businesses seeking a vibrant and dynamic work environment rather than your traditional Melbourne office space.


Clayton is home to Monash University and the Monash Technology Precinct, making it a hub for education and research institutions. It’s an excellent choice for investments in office and research facilities. Businesses in the education and technology sectors can benefit from Clayton’s proximity to these institutions, fostering collaborative opportunities and research partnerships.

Box Hill

Box Hill is an established commercial centre in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs with a strong business community. It offers a mix of retail, office, and medical spaces. Investors in Box Hill can explore opportunities in healthcare services, professional offices, or retail businesses, taking advantage of the suburb’s accessibility and thriving local economy.

Sunshine Commercial Real Estate

In Melbourne’s west, Sunshine is experiencing revitalisation and urban development, particularly in the industrial and logistics sectors. The ongoing revitalisation projects and improved transport links make Sunshine an area with significant growth potential. Industrial warehouses, logistics centres, and manufacturing facilities are prime options for commercial real estate investments in Sunshine. Click the link to explore previous CPN commercial property results in Sunshine.

Hallam Commercial Property

Situated in Melbourne’s southeast, Hallam is renowned for its industrial and manufacturing presence. It’s a prime location for warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Investors looking for opportunities in the logistics and manufacturing sectors can benefit from Hallam’s established industrial infrastructure and accessibility to major transportation routes. See our previous sales results in Hallam.


Dandenong, another southeastern suburb, is a significant industrial and manufacturing hub. It offers various commercial opportunities, particularly in the logistics and industrial sectors. Due to its well-developed industrial ecosystem, businesses needing warehousing, distribution centres, or manufacturing facilities will find Dandenong a strategic commercial real estate choice.

When considering investments in commercial real estate, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research, consult with local experts, and evaluate your specific investment goals and budget. Additionally, market conditions can change, so staying informed about the latest trends and developments in these suburbs is crucial for making successful investments. Melbourne’s diverse suburbs provide opportunities for various industries, making it a prime destination for commercial real estate investors. If you are curious about other Melbourne suburbs for commercial real estate investment, contact CPN Commercial Group today to discuss further.

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