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Posted by cpn_admin on August 27, 2021

Selling a commercial property with CPN is straightforward and rewarding. Our market experience brings strength but our size makes us nimble. We know what is coming on to the market, often before the listing goes live, and we know who is looking to buy property just like yours. This knowledge lets us develop a targeted marketing plan that will help you to sell quickly at the highest possible price, without increasing your risk. As seller’s agent, we understand that our job is more than advertising and negotiating. Property markets move quickly. It is up to us to isolate the nuggets of information that genuinely will make a difference to our clients, and help you to understand what to do next once when we have that intelligence. We explain the process to you in simple terms, so you know exactly what is going on at all times – and we are always on hand to ensure a smooth process.

Commercial properties require specialised leases. Occupiers operate in all sorts of industries; many have unique power, access and security requirements or demand compliance with specific legislation or health and safety standards. Yet, often, landlords and tenants are presented with a fill-in-the-blank lease that does not recognise their particular needs. Because we understand the complexity and challenges of commercial leasing, we are ideally placed to manage your transaction all the way through to a signed lease. We are one of the few accredited agents able to prepare and negotiate leases on behalf of our landlord clients. With CPN, you can be confident that your lease is structured correctly and your legal obligations are fully covered.

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